Gypsum is a tofu coagulant –  what turns soymilk into tofu. Use a little gypsum, a fresh batch of soymilk, and our Tofu Kit to easily make tofu at home!

Natural gypsum (calcium sulfate) makes great-tasting tofu with added calcium content for strong teeth and nails. Our gypsum comes in a 12 oz., zip-sealed package. Twelve ounces gypsum makes a total of 90 lbs. of tofu.

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Both calcium sulfate (gypsum) and magnesium chloride (nigari) come in different grades for industrial use. Never use these types for tofu! Our gypsum and nigari are certified food grade for making tofu, imported from Japan.

Many tofu box sellers include tiny packages of synthetic “natural” coagulants that aren’t FDA approved. We would never do that do our customers, and only provide our own 100% natural gypsum.

Gypsum and nigari both do the same thing: coagulate soymilk. However, there is a difference in taste. Try both, and see which you prefer.

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No returns due to food safety concerns.

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