Tofu Kit

Our Sanlinx Tofu Kit makes it easy to make fresh, homemade tofu with soymilk from your Soyajoy or Soyapower.

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The SoyaJoy Premium Total Tofu Kit has everything you need to make your own tofu, and is hand-crafted of natural and sustainable bamboo.This tofu box (6″x5″x5″) can make up to 1.5 lbs of fresh tofu at a time. We also included a large cheesecloth and 16 oz. of all natural nigari (enough to make 240 lbs. of tofu!).

Many tofu box sellers include small packages of synthetic “natural” nigari that isn’t FDA approved. We would never do that do our customers, and only provide generous helpings of our own 100% natural nigari. Full instructions for making tofu are included.

We designed this premium tofu box/press based on our original SoyaJoy total tofu kit made of pine and cedar. We discovered that bamboo was a far superior material both in strength and stability, and stood up to longtime water exposure. Bamboo has been used in making kitchen utensils for hundreds of years, and we’re proud to carry on its heritage with our sleekly designed tofu box.

Please note that this item cannot be returned once used because of food safety concerns.

The SoyaJoy Premium Total Tofu Kit ships for free with any soymilk maker.

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