Almond Milk


Almond milk is one of the most popular vegan milks. Its light, fragrant flavor is delicious on its own, as well as incorporated in other recipes. Our machines eliminate time wasted nursing a blender: simply add water and raw almonds, and the SoyaJoy or SoyaPower will do the work for you.


  • For SoyaJoy, 1 cup (or 2 Sanlinx cups) of raw almonds
    • For SoyaPower, 3/4 cup (or 1 and 1/2 Sanlinx cups) of raw almonds
  • Water


  1. Rinse almonds, and soak in water overnight, or for 12-16 hours.
  2. Drain almonds and rinse again.
  3. Pour almonds into pitcher of machine.
  4. Add water up to between the lines.
  5. Align and place on machine head, and plug in power.
  6. Select “Raw/Juice”. Cycle will automatically start.
  7. When cycle is finished, machine will begin beeping. Unplug power cord and remove head.
  8. Strain almond milk by pouring slowly through a sieve. Press down on the pulp with a spoon to extract all the almond milk. This fiber-rich pulp can be used for a variety of recipes.
  9. Enjoy!


Homemade almond milk can be flavored. Popular flavorings include honey, stevia, brown rice syrup , vanilla, and cinnamon. Just make sure to add flavorings to the finished, strained milk, and mix well to incorporate.

To make a thicker and creamier almond milk, add about tablespoon of rice (rinsed) or rolled oats.

Since homemade almond milk is free of additives and preservatives, it has a shorter refrigerated storage life of three days. Since natural almond milk has no binders or emulsifiers in it, the milk will separate. Simply stir well before enjoying.