Basic Soymilk


To make plain soy milk with the SoyaJoy or SoyaPower, simply follow the instructions in the User’s Manual.

  1. Soak the soybeans in a bowl of water for 8 hours the night before. This step is optional, but soaked beans definitely make for better soymilk than dry ones.
  2. Pour the beans into the pitcher of the machines, and fill up with water to the line. Hot or boiling water result in faster cooking time.
  3.  Press “Soaked Beans”. If you haven’t soaked the beans, press “Dry Beans”. The machine will immediately start.
  4. When the machine beeps, unplug it, and remove the head.
  5. To strain the milk, place a sieve on top of a pitcher, and slowly pour the milk through. The okara, or pulp, will be left in the sieve. Use a spoon to press down on the pulp as you go.

And there you have it – fresh, homemade soymilk!

Flavoring – while plain soymilk is delicious on it’s own, flavorings can be used to change it up.

Stevia or monkfruit is great for those watching their calorie intake. Vanilla is also one of the most popular additions. Stir in a dash of vanilla extract to replicate store-bought, flavored milks, and to counteract any “beany” taste. Other options are brown rice syrup, honey, and salt.

To make the soymilk thicker, use 100 grams of soybeans instead of 70. You can also add several tablespoons of rice (soak this with the soybeans), or quick oats (dry).

Make sure to save the okara, or pulp. These leftover solids are full of nutrients like fiber and protein, and are great to use in many recipes. An easy favorite is Okara Pancakes: mix the pulp with rice flour until it forms a moist dough, and drop spoonfuls onto an pan with some oil. Check out more of our delicious okara ideas here.

Vegan milks can also be blended with fruit and veggies to make nutritious breakfast smoothies. Some popular options are combinations of frozen fruit, nut butter, cocoa powder, and even greens such as spinach and kale. Soymilk can be substituted for dairy milks in smoothie recipes, or to replace water to add a healthy richness.