Filter Or No Filter?

no filter soyajoy g4
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Soy milk makers can be divided into filtering types and non filtering types. But which is right for you?

Machines with filters generally have a sort of metal basket that contains the bean solids, therefore keeping the pulp confined inside the filter while the soymilk goes out of the filter, into the main cooking pot. Our older models, which we no longer sell, have this feature. While filtering soymilk machines are a good idea in theory, they pose some problems in reality. The main issue with filters is the cleaning ease. Pulp can be difficult and time consuming to clean off of the filter, especially if it is dried on.

Because of this, we began experimenting with filter-less designs, and they became an immediate hit. Filter-less machines are a breeze to clean – a good rinse and wipe down does the job. Since the interior of the machine is all smooth stainless steel, there’s nowhere for pulp to get stuck.


All of our soymilk makers have top-of-the-line filterless technology. To get rid of the gritty pulp found in even the most well-blended of milks, simply place stack the included sieve and pitcher and slowly pour the milk through. The sieve will filter out the pulp, or okara (in the case of soymilk), and the milk is left in the pitcher. It’s simple, but effective, and makes for silky-smooth milks. Enjoy!